Howdy folks!

This post marks the sixth and final dev logs detailing the journey to create my first ever game Flame In The Abyss!

Welcome to the #SparkInTheDark journal Chapter 6: Promotion!

If you have been reading these dev logs the entire time, you might be surprised to learn I don't like talking about myself. I like chatting about my work but myself? Eh, not my fave thing.

And yet, part of getting into how Flame In The Abyss came to be requires me to be honest about who I am and what this game means to me. Not just because I prefer to be open about the process but also because I do genuinely like demystifying how something like a game becomes real. Not just in how many triumphs happen along the way but also how many mistakes and areas for growth have come up as well.

As part of learning about how to do promotion and project manage my own work through mentorship with @burst0fhope.

I have learned a lot about what I want/need to do differently next time.

I def need to document my work hours better, value how much this game has taken to make, and even just think more long-term about how much time funding and promotion take. As much as I love creative work, getting money from it is a whole undertaking unto itself.

I owe a lot about how I am choosing to share this game at the given price structure that I am to conversations with Jess and to their boundless reservoir of faith in my project. More than that, I am grateful for how much their mentorship has made me expect more out of my own abilities, and believe more in what my writing can do. And, ultimately, they are responsible for me choosing to share these many posts about my game design process publicly, as well as reach out to others for interviews about my game.

Were they the one who ultimately wrote up emails and reached out to others?


But they did give me the courage to believe my work could gain the interest of others.

And it has.

I have so many places like @TeaTRPG , @plusoneexp, @GilaRPGs, @HuetopiaTV, @seasonedstories and more to thank for their support of my work.

I guess what I am saying is while this dev log has been about my game, it has also been about how much people have believed in Flame In The Abyss since Day 1.

So, thank you to everyone who has supported me.

Thank you for being my #SparkInTheDark during the days I felt like shelving this project. Thank you for believing in me. I will be forever grateful to everyone who was there to help it become the wonderful project it turned into.

Dear friends, I love you all and wish you many good sessions of gaming ahead. May your journeys in the Abyss and beyond lead you to a better you and a better future with others, no matter how difficult the world is.

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