Patch 3.1

Howdy folks!

                            Had a bit of free time today and set aside workspace to finally update the cover image for this playbook. As much as I enjoyed the graphic I found to use for the first version, I definitely felt like I could make something better with my partner. So, we went back to work on it and came up with something simple but more in line with the spirit of the playbook.

                              I also took the liberty of changing a few Basic advances, Jumps, and Expert advances to reduce pigieonholing the player into feeling like they would be limited if they took a certain path in advances. Plus, Dragoon definitely deserved a damage burst option more in line with its in-game counterpart.

                       I hope folks enjoy the new graphics and the new tweaks to the playbook.

                   Much love,

           Voice of the Phoenix


Wyrm Guardian Patch 3.1.pdf 389 kB
Apr 01, 2022
Wyrm Guardian Patch 3.1 Plain Text-1.pdf 43 kB
Apr 01, 2022

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