Patch 3.0

Howdy folks!

After giving this playbook a playtest with some folks in my ttrpg community, I have decided to tweak a few aspects of the base design to improve the flow of its gameplay. Given that Sanguine Touch has the potential to cause an absurd amount of rolls should you gain advantage or roll multiple attacks, I decided to remove it as part of the design and focus the HP recovery more around when you attack your Gloom Focus. I have also adjusted advances related to the Mend roll component of Sanguine Touch to better highlight the vitality manipulator aspects of the playbook, as well as adjusting Abyssal Favors for redundancy in design. Hopefully, these changes allow the class to play more into the merciless avenger archetype I hope for the playbook to embody and better allows players to become the flame in the abyss for their fellow Slayers.

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Aug 24, 2021

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