Patch 3.1

Howdy folks!

So, in light of some helpful feedback gained from playtesting, I have decided to once again tweak some aspects of the Arcane Elementalist. Rather than have the playbook function around having to use each turn to convert its resources into something else to get to the resource they need, I have decided to just make the orb shift ability be more free form. Orbs can now be converted freely to any other orb type. This way, the player has more freedom to decide when they want to make use of certain mechanical options at a faster rate than previously designed. Along with this mechanics change I have altered some wording on a few advances to better make clear the intent behind them.

I hope these changes better facilitate players playing their blasting mage as effectively as they would like.

Best wishes,



Arcane Elementalist Patch 3.1.pdf 42 kB
Aug 24, 2021

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