Patch 2.0

Howdy folks!

So, in order to better reflect feedback given during playtesting, I have designed to add additional mechanics and flavor test to the playbook in order to more clearly cement its foundation as a summoner inspired class. I have given an extra mechanic to reflect not only its original game mechanics but also to reduce the feeling of the class having a "feast or famine" result in its playstyle. In addition to this, the descriptions for the Soul Echoes more clearly indicate the Attack action is not simply a kind of spell but rather a summoned being unleashing its fury whose power you are making use of during combat.

It is my hope that these changes better support the core design intent of this playbook being a class where deciding between which summon ally to bring out is not only encouraged but actively beneficial to the player.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my work thus far and I look forward to any future support people are able to provide.

Best wishes,



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Aug 13, 2021

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